10 most fascinating attractions in Taiwan

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1. An ancient village is a pretty famous landmarks. Outside the Temple temple of Confucius, Yue he, tree house (Tree house), ancient fortress, Thien Mu pagoda pattern…, city walk with a lot of souvenirs and the delicious street food here also make you hard from. Photo: Academic.

2. The night market last week United Park is the largest open-air night market Tainan where you “required” to come. The only market open on three days last week. Here there are hundreds of stalls selling food, clothes, souvenirs self Taiwan, especially the observation that only look for san wanted to eat. Photo: Culture Taiwan.

3. The national Alishan: If have time, you should take the whole day to visit Alishan–a stunning forests of Taiwan. In the spring, the cherry flowers bloom on the mountain. Photo: tourism in Taiwan.

4. Taipei night market: large, modern markets are great places to you running around eating and shopping. For convenience, you should put the hotel in the area around the Ximen station or the Shilin. Photo: Wikimedia.

5. Taipei city tour: Visit to Taipei, you should not miss the places like Shek Memorial Temple in stations of MRT Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall, Taipei Zoo, 4 km long cable car in Maokong, Long son pagoda and the night market, Shilin. Photo: Wikimedia.

6. The nine Parts (Jiufen): Nine Parts is high mountains in Taiwan similar to da LAT, possibly Chinese design with red lanterns hanging high, the food, tea all over the place. It is also called “the land of the souls” when it is taken as the main backdrop for the movie Spirited away. As to the nine sections, you should try little tastes of tea sipping feeling the high, enjoy the rustic pie and generous eyes watching the beauty of nature and life slowly. Also don’t miss the moment of transfer of the day-night, and watch the city lights up at the neck. At night, you can visit the markets of Raohe and 250 years old model of Thien Mu pagoda national level in nearby Songshan station to sightseeing, shopping and dining. Photo. Reddit.

7. Cross section of waterfall (Shifen): it is a country of Taiwan, where youth usually drop to to drop celestial posted. In addition to the Lantern, you buy a paper Lantern design, write wish on it, and drop. After sending desire, you can stroll along the scenic Rails edge, eating. Save power by electric bike rental to move up to the waterfall the cross section, the main attractions. Photo: Taiwan.

8. Taroko National Park: this really is a fascinating ecological destinations in Taiwan with as many points as essential Interior sea talks, the temple, the people of the Dragon culture exhibition Taroko … especially with the Taroko, Explorer Favorites with the mountains and the rugged zig zag would be excellent choices. Photo: Wikimedia.

9. Taipei 101: if given to Taipei, you can’t miss the second highest building in the world with 101 floors. From 89 floor upwards, you can see the whole city and part of Mount Yangmingshan if beautiful weather. Photo: tourism.

10. Palace Museum (Museum of Taipei): this is the Museum of history and the Taiwan’s largest artifacts with many precious artifacts. Beautiful antique dishes, are exquisitely crafted. The fare on the excursion is 250 Taiwan dollar. Because this is the location of the Eastern visitors, to shorten the time, you should visit backwards, starting from upstairs and down. Photo: tourism in Taiwan.

Tamsui (Tamsui): the area of the River in suburban Taipei, Tamsui has more red line last monuments to visit and have both bustling night market. You can visit the shopping mall, and watch the sunset.Photo: Wikimedia.

A few landmarks in Taipei customers-is the University NTU (this territory’s largest University), Costco Wholesale (MRT to Taipei City Hall station, then go by bus), Carrefour, cheap supermarket system.

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