Best Attractions in  KiyomizuderaKyoto.

Kiyomizu Temple was built in 778, is the oldest temple in Kyoto, after 1994 was inscribed on the World Heritage List. In front of the stage is vacant Shimizu Japanese national treasures, surrounded by green trees, the spring cherry blossoms, cherry blossom is the name of one of the Kyoto, autumn red maple valiant, but also maple resort.




Visit Kiyomizu tourists very much, the best in the usual early morning visit. Hayama sound came down, walk up the hill along the trail.Kiyomizu enter the territory, it will go through the door Nio, Simon, triple tower, with the Church seek, mountains hall and other buildings, can be seen as Nio, Jizo Buddha carving. Temple has a lot of tourists in the incense, divination, incense is very busy. Seeking a sign to 100 yen, if it is a good sign to keep it safe, if it is a bad sign remember to tie it on the shelf next to it. You can also spend 100 yen into the church basement with seeking to experience the famous Walk inside the tire, meaning the body of Buddha in prayer.




Continue to move forward to the stage below the water, looked up, you’ll clearly see the large beech picket facet by facet with the support of hanging created vogue building, don’t use a nail, terribly spectacular.

From the wooden steps onto the next stage, the mountain overlooking Kyoto scenery is very simple, almost do not see any tall buildings. The main hall of the church dedicated to the deity ten sideAvalokitesvara statue, but generally do not see, because every 33 years to publicly display, most recently General public in 2000, and later in 2008– specifically disclosed in 2009 had once. Here it is also possible to pray in cherry blossom season can buy limited Yu Shou (amulet).




Austrian School

The Church is diagonally Austrian hospital, there is a viewing platform, you can see the stage Shimizu outstanding panorama on a cliff, you can take the stage classic perspective. Austrian Academy of Kiyomizu Temple is the origin of the Church than the small, dedicated to Avalokitesvara, Bishamonten, ground KURA Buddha, Aeolus Raytheon, etc., but the Church of the deity is different.

The waterfall Otowa  an Austrian hospital, along the mountain down the mountain you will see the Otowa waterfall, is Kiyomizu origin of the name, the origins of its three representing the health, academic and marriage, a lot of people queuing here take drinking water, praying. You can pray for health and longevity, academic success or love well, but is said to only pick which one to drink water, because too greedy aspirations will not be realized.




Landlord shrine on the north side of the hall there is a landlord shrine , to pray for love, the fate of the land. Before the shrine has two ten meters away from the stones, reportedly blindfolded, walking across a touch from across the stone, you can get true love. The difficulty a bit big, so many people will make their eyes closed peer-led himself to touch the stone.

In addition, the temple there are many buildings worth a careful watch. Per year will be open at night at certain times homage, in the light shining under the Kiyomizu extraordinarily beautiful. Here there is often a celebration such as autumn leaves in late November special lighting ceremony; December will be announced when the character in Kiyomizu Temple, for the performance of state of the world and people’s feelings of the year, very interesting.




Special Note

  1. Kiyomizu play, in addition to the temple itself but also have fun is a stroll in the mountain trail. Here three years Osaka · Osaka and nearby Kiyomizuzaka are historic preservation district, along the road there are a variety of restaurants, souvenir shops, crowded.
  2. Yasaka Shrine from Kiyomizu close, a lot of people to play Yasaka Shrine and then walk all the way to Kiyomizu Temple, about 1.5 km walk away.