Best Attractions in Golden Pavilion Temple.

Golden Pavilion Kinkakuji Temple, whose real name is due to the core of the building temple relic temple facades with gold leaf decoration stickers all, it is nicknamed Golden Pavilion Temple. Abbey was founded in 1397, originally Ashikaga Yoshimitsu generals (ie animated smart one off in the general interest of the prototype) Villa, later renamed Temple, the Buddha.




It is said that in the center of the Golden Pavilion garden is Elysium, the Mirror Lake and Temple pool embraced, especially in sunny superb scenery, which has become a symbol of Kyoto.

Spring and autumn is the Temple of the Golden Pavilion of the tourist season, but actually here all year round Jieyou different views of beauty, whether it is sweltering autumn leaves or winter snow snow, all against the background of the Golden Pavilion Temple is unique, it is fascinated.




The three pavilions each layer has a different architectural style, although it can not enter, but the front of the first floor windows are usually open, carefully looked across the pond should be able to see the statue of Sakyamuni and Ashikaga . Golden Pavilion temple across the pond ago, will go ahead after the first priest of the total residence Hojo, but not open to visitors. Went to the back of the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, you can look more closely at the golden wall. Sihou garden retains the original good light when, in the garden there are other viewing, such as never dried Ze sleep, and a lot of coins thrown by tourists to pray small stone base.




Golden Pavilion Temple, there is a unique place tourists get tickets is to write blessing paper breaks, and in the courtyard of the Church does not move next to a Chinese and Korean sign of God for divination. In addition, you can also buy some green tea in a small tea room to try dessert, taste great.

Special Note

  1. tourist attractions get together, want to avoid overcrowding, you can choose the morning opening of the park or go near the park closed in the afternoon; the weather is good, then sooner or later the scenery is the most beautiful moment of the Golden Pavilion Temple.
  2. Golden Pavilion Temple Park ambulatory range is not big, but a lot of tourists waiting for a group photo, the proposed arrangements for a reasonable time.
  3. The bus can also play nearby attractions: 101 bus up to Nijo Castle, Ginkakuji, 102 bus up to the shrine duck, duck under the 205 bus up to the shrine, Honganji. (Nearby attractions usually only open until 17:00, so a day, play three more appropriate)