Top ActtractionsFushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto Japan

Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto is located south of a shrine dedicated to bless commercial prosperity, good harvest god Inari agriculture, many pilgrims. Back here to the number of the most famous shrine main hall intensive scarlet one thousand Torii, it is one of the typical landscape of Kyoto, also appeared in the film Memoirs of a Geisha in.




Stand out from the JR Inari soon go east, to the Fushimi Inari Taisha entrance, where stands donated by the ToyotomiHideyoshi in 1589 Otorii, is behind the shrine’s main hall and other buildings. In the shrine, you’ll see a wide variety of stone fox, because the fox is considered the messenger god Inari.

Wash your hands follow the steps of the main Dianpang indication map Joshin clean hands, and then to shoot the main hall clapping, a wish and pray for it, pray for the best theme and wealth and business related. Spend 100 yen may seek a sign, you can also buy a Ema (pledge cards) to write words of blessing. Fox EmaLian Xing is a feature here, to draw small fox look very interesting, but the shape of the fox Yu Shou (amulet) is also full of popular souvenirs; as well as the shape of a mini Torii Ema, also very cute.




One thousand Torii  walk around the main building, around the back of the main hall is one thousand Torii entrance. Hundreds seat vermilion toriiInariyama constitute a path to the top of the channel, during which there are dozens of stone fox statue. Explore one thousand Torii mountain trails is the main purpose of most foreign tourists come to Fushimi Inari Shrine, about 4 km throughout, walking back and forth to the summit takes about 2-3 hours.




Into one thousand Torii, decrepit faded dark red arches and the bright lights of vermilion torii densely interwoven through the sunlight is particularly spectacular charming, visually quite shocking, it attracted many friends love photography. Along the way Torii is donated by individuals or companies, in the back of each can be seen Torii donor’s name and the date of the donation. According Torii size, donated the price is not like the smallest of about 20 million yen, the largest of more than 1 million yen.




Winds on one thousand Torii is not a line through the top, in addition to a sight of the end of Otorii channel, there are also split into two bird home channel, every section of the road there is a different place to rest and worship places.

About a 30-45 minute walk, you will find the number of Torii gradually reduced. Mid-Tsuji went four junctions overlooks Kyoto, if look at night in the evening is also unique. Tsuji intersection from four walks to the top of a circular route, many tourists here turn down, because there is not much to go upward surprise. However, if you insist tirelessly climb to the top, you will see a small shrine, where free ballot.




Special Note


Torii channel also has a number of restaurants serving local dishes such as sushi and Inari Kitsuneudon noodles placed on frying tofu, it is said to be the fox favorite food of it, may wish to try to see if you’re tired.