St Basil Cathedral of the Assumption is located in located in Red Square Southeast, overlooking the Kremlin ‘s tower. It is Russia’s most famous church, which in nine different colors and forms of onion top famous church, called the Kremlin and Red Square area landmarks.

Church history

The Moscow landmark built in 1555 –1561 years, is the year to celebrate the recapture of Kazan Ivan the Terrible and built exquisite Orthodox church architecture presented here most vividly, and now here has become part of the national History Museum, the Eastern European nation with a lot of murals around the 16th century is worth appreciation.




Onion dome  cathedral by a series of small church, rough look like a maze complex, but in fact very regular layout: Central Church stands tall central tower with a dome, tower 47 meters, drum-shaped dome was radiant; prismatic tower upper cylinder engraved with deep niches, the lower is the circle of tall oblong windows. Surrounded by four large chapel with octagonal tower on the top with a huge onion dome decorated in this four diagonal ramp tower chapel between four and eight towers are toward the main entrance cloister center inside the church, outside the church four weeks have all corridors and staircases surround. Onion dome of brilliant colors, sparkling in the sun, like a fairy tale castle.

Church Parking




Saint Basil Cathedral of the Assumption of the interior as a museum open to the public inside the exhibition hall is divided into two, almost all the aisles and each side of the chapel doors empty walls are painted with 16 ~ I7 century frescoes, mostly depicting biblical scenes dominated, moreover, also exhibited the holy bishops and gold vestments, it is worth a visit, but not the camera, oh.

Stands outside the front of the church there KuzmaMinin and Dmitry Pozharsky statue, a former butcher Minin and Pozharsky generals who led the archduke together occupying forces expelled Kremlin Poles. Front of the church closed circular high-Calvary (Place of Skulls) is said to have a place for public executions, in 1682 Peter the Great had been in the fourth day of the mutiny Guard soldiers.

St Basil’s Cathedral at night is also very gorgeous, like photography, this can be taken in the evening.