The Kremlin is a group of buildings, located in the heart of Moscow, is a symbol of the Russian Federation, the presidential palace is located. This group of buildings with irregular triangle, south of the Moscow River , east of Red Square , west of Alexandria garden , surrounded by a wall of red around like a city within a city. Here also it has been included in the World Heritage List.

At present, the building can be visited include the weapons museum (Оружейнаяпалата), Patriarch Palace (Патриаршиепалаты), Assumption Cathedral (Успенскийсобор), storage Robe Church (ЦерковьРизоположения), Ivan the Great bell tower (КолокольняИванаВеликого) Wait.




House of Parliament

We can see the Kremlin from Red Square that circle the red walls of the palace. The main entrance in the west wall of the tower Kutafeiya (Кутафьябашня), need security. After a short ramp to go to go into the inside walls of the palace. You will see the marble, glass and concrete construction of the Capitol (ГосударственныйКремлёвскийДворец), ballet theater experience in this luxury building, often have to perform. Arsenal is north, outside surrounded by 800 Napoleonic cannon. Arsenal is in the east yellow Senate, the office of the Russian president on the inside.Patriarch Palace

from the Capitol to the east you can see the Patriarch’s Palace, which belongs to the most interesting cross solemn hall, which was the tsar and envoys banquets place. There are 17th-century royal palace exhibition items, including jewelry, hunting tools, furniture and so on.

Cathedral Square




Next Patriarch Palace Cathedral Square is the Cathedral Square (Соборнаяплощадь), here are four churches. Assumption Cathedral has five golden helmet domes on the door with a striking mural of the Virgin Mary facing Cathedral Square. Robe store next to the church to be smaller, and the murals inside the wooden beams on show worth seeing. Near Archangel Cathedral is the Tsar’s coronation, wedding and funeral chapel, which is very characteristic gable style scallops. And another Annunciation Cathedral there is a gallery, you can see a lot of 16th-century frescoes, as well as the Kremlin basement archaeological exhibition.

Ivan the Great bell tower




Ivan the Great bell tower stands in the east of Cathedral Square is the Ivan the Great bell tower, two golden domes very brisk. This is the tallest building in the Kremlin, in the ectopic is also very easy to see this landmark. Now the Kremlin bell tower inside the building for the Museum of History, purchase ticket to visit.

Next to the bell tower you can see the Tsar Bell , from the fall of the clock tower, which weighs 202 tons, is the world’s largest clock, but now can not be sound. Also close by are a Tsar Cannon , carving barrel on the base and extravagant, it is a work of art.

Ordnance Museum

Kremlin weapons is the southwest corner of the museum, although I have to purchase separately, but still attracts many tourists. Here every day is only open four, please bought tickets as early as possible, at the specified time on the admission ticket. Museum rich in treasures dazzling, you can see all kinds of precious metals and precious stones made of Faberge eggs, which is the Czar and Empress during Easter gift-giving, the most dazzling is the Trans-Siberian Railway eggs, there is a train made of gold, platinum and rubies locomotive lighting. In addition, the royal gallery in the throne, Crown, large coach and other items are also worth a careful watch.

Great Kremlin




Ordnance Museum east green roof is a large square building Kremlin (БольшойКремлёвскийдворец), here is the official residence of the President of Russia one, closed to the public.

In addition to visiting the various buildings and exhibitions Miyagi within six weekly noon in the Cathedral Square, you can see the changing of the guard ceremony. Will be held in the Presidential Guard dressed up parade performances, there is on foot also has horse riding. If you plan to watch, please advance to the square placeholder waiting.

Special Note

  1. wearing shorts or disheveled person can not enter the Kremlin visit.
    2. In the government office buildings and other areas will be prohibited to visit the police guard, to prevent tourists strayed.
    3. weapons within the museum, are not allowed to take pictures inside the building of the Cathedral Square.
    4. The last Saturday of each month at 14:00 in the Red Square will show changing of the guard ceremony.