Red Square is a famous square in central Moscow, the former Soviet Union it is important festivals, rallies and parade where locals and tourists is now a place of leisure, the annual Victory Day parade held here. Red Square in Moscow is the witness of history, but also a symbol of Moscow.




Russian architectural features gathered in Red Square small, narrow shape, only one-fifth of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, but it is surrounded by very well-known, with Russian characteristics of buildings. Both sides of the long side, the west side of the Kremlin , east of Gum State Department Store , and two short sides, the southern end of St Basil’s Cathedral of the Assumption – Russia’s most beautiful onion. North, red-brick building of the Russian State Historical Museum , very elegant, museum back side of Red Square, stands the Battle of Moscow meritorious Marshal Marshal Zhukov riding like. The Lenin Mausoleum is located by the Kremlin palace wall side of the middle of the tomb for the reviewing stand on both sides of the rostrum, lined with soldiers standing guard.




Red Square Recreation Guide

Red Square .tourists can come back to the land that the Red Square . individuals are abundantly. Its ground is extremely distinctive, all brick sealed strip, though somewhat flat, however it’s extraordinarily ancient and sacred.. You are free to take pictures in the Red Square, for example, red facade of the Kremlin, onion-shaped dome of St Basil Cathedral of the Assumption. In addition, you can also go to the century-old GUM department store around and around, and although things here is very expensive, but you can still buy ice cream taste. But also with Zhukov photo sculpture in Red Square.




In addition to admire the architecture, as well as the opportunity to see Red Square some folk artists, especially Lenin and Stalin special type cast. The whole point of no more changing of the guard ceremony Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Of course, if you do nothing, just want to find a quiet corner to enjoy the sun between the crowd and charming words, GUM Department Store, one wicker chair outdoor cafe is a good place to enjoy good angle here is Red Square landscape, That can take a break and can take a good view.

Red Square after nightfall is an entirely different story, the lights lit on the surrounding buildings, very beautiful, this time is the best time to shoot Red Square complex.


Special Note

  1. Red Square is open all day, without security, but if hit Victory Day (May 9) and the reception of foreign guests, when the Red Square will be closed, visitors can watch at the periphery.
  2. Red Square so many people, in addition to tourists as well as the sale of souvenir hawkers, must pay attention to the anti-thief.
  3. Red Square will be the local police patrol encountered as there is anything that can promptly seek police help, the local police will speak English.