Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is the third largest island outside the island of Singapore. Has now developed into a well-equipped sea paradise, it is a popular tourist resort. The entire northern part of the island is a large resort in Singapore Resorts World. Westernmost island of the British fort FortSiloso was built in 1880.




Attractions Division

Resorts World Sentosa: the main attractions including Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium and the casino, and another six different styles of theme resort hotels and a number of luxury retailers.

Universal Studios Singapore: You can play on a day where the project will play: BattlestarGalactica roller coaster, Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy, Waterworld. There are popular star of the photo.

SEA Aquarium: the world’s largest aquarium, as well as a 36-meter large aquarium viewing window.




Siloso Beach: outdoor pool surfing, kayaking, beach bicycles and other beach activities, and Underwater World, iFly wind tunnel flight, Luge and Songs of the Sea water screen performances and other fun projects.


City Garden and Children’s Garden

SentosaIsland Singapore continued the Garden City of taste, looking ahead, a lush, you can sea breeze, you can view climbers on the beach, you can explore the mysterious nature of the world, you can also enjoy the marvelous sensory stimulation.Here is the children’s paradise, you can choose to live on the island 34 days, play Universal Studios, Aquarium. But for adults, the island’s museums and outdoor sports are also attractive.




Sentosa up to 3.2 km of beaches including the Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach, and offers all sorts of water activities on the ground. In addition, a variety of hotels on the island is worth living.

Merlion Park




Singapore’s Merlion Park is the smallest park, which is located in the Singapore River estuary. The famous Merlion is located here, the crest of waves like a lion’s head fish sign and symbol of Singapore. Behind it also has a small Merlion accompanied with large Merlion echoes, jets of water from the mouth.


Merlion origin

According to local people, a total of four Singapore Merlion Park which is a mother and baby in Sentosa Island that is the father, in addition to a baby Faber hill.

A prince of ancient Sumatra had seen in a local reveal, like a lion, so he put the island named Lion City, and Merlion fishtail shape represents Singapore in the past was a fishing port. Merlion pictures taken together is undoubtedly the best proof came to Singapore.

If you happen to choose to live in Fullerton, then you can directly from the basement passage, came to Fullerton attractions, here close to Marina Bay and Merlion Park. Merlion Park is actually not park our traditional sense, but a lot of tourists. Here Merlion has been kept in the water, the more beautiful than Sentosa, of course, the size will be much smaller.

Merlion theme of water at night with lighting effects, creating a floating stand on blue visual effects. The park has an open-air stands, visitors can walk up and Merlion photo, will organize various art performances and occasional entertainment in the stands. In addition, connecting the Merlion and ladder stands not only allows visitors to go near the water, but also allows visitors to sit on the ladder, little interest for a while.

Merlion Park during the day and night are two flavors, it is recommended to come closer to the evening, so that both can be seen during the day, the way they can enjoy the next night scenery surrounding the lanterns, can see the beautiful night view of Singapore, remember to bring tripod Oh!

Merlion tall ship across the roof of the building is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, there are a series of refreshingly building canals, elegant works of art, casinos. In addition, you can also stand on the bleachersMerlion Park, overlooking the Big Durian distant and next to the Ferris wheel (Singapore Esplanade), very broad vision. These attractions are very close from the park, it is recommended to explore together.


Gardens by the Bay in Singapore




Gardens by the Bay is the latest landmark in Singapore, the Marina South Gardens, Marina East Garden and Esplanade Gardens composed of city garden with. During the day you can visit the two greenhouses, ornamental patterns of thousands of plants. At night, enjoy the wonderful light show, night garden feelings, seamless visit, be sure to keep you entertained!

The garden features two greenhouse plants, called Flower Dome (Flower Dome), a cloud forest (Cloud Forest). Greenhouse cultivation of twenty tens of thousands of plants from all the world’s continents (except Antarctica), greenhouse dome is a combination of architecture, environment and gardening culture three.

Flower Dome




is a large greenhouse, covering 1.2 hectares, which is mainly to the cultivation of Mediterranean plants, with a large variety of colorful garden, and in different parts of the plant classified into different exhibition planning.


Cloud forest

rainforest condensed version mimics the tropical high altitude environment, the 35-meter-high artificial hill planted had grown in proportion to the altitude of 1000-3500 meters plant.

The two greenhouses built waterfront, steel and glass as the main structure, optimizing the viewing perspective to the maximum extent, and to strengthen the associated land and sea between. The two energy-efficient buildings using the latest sustainable building technology, with water collection and filtration systems.




It is worth mentioning is the largest garden in the coastal Marina South Gardens, which built a number of trees, huge super tree (Supertree), very compelling. These super tree is actually a seat 16-storey vertical garden, you are in the treetops overlooking the entire garden. In addition, the super tree also has a number of practical features: collect rainwater, solar energy generation and serve as Park Conservatory ventilation ducts.

Super tree canopy shade during the day, night, colorful lights and multimedia projection will this vertical garden dress enchanting scene. Reached the top center of the tree, walking in endless promenade, opposite the Sands Hotel , Flyer with each other dyke tree is very beautiful.

In addition, there is the children’s park. Children in the garden Children can have fun, play water can bring a bathing suit.