Singapore Flyer

The world’s tallest observation wheel, scenic Marina Bay, towering skyscrapers, tropical green landscape, and under clear blue skies that reflects the dazzling brilliance, everything can be a panoramic view at 37 minutes. Passengers can enjoy the 360-degree viewing cabin 45 kilometers away views.




From Singapore to Sentosa Island beach, great scenery and even Malaysia and the Indonesian part of the island also income eyes. If you do not have extra time to travel on the Flyer will wish to Esplanade, Merlion Park, Singapore River waterfront Bay Sands Hotel and other attractions along the F1 track ago.


The Ferris wheel 165 meters high, a total of 28 cockpit, each cabin 4 meters wide, seven meters long, can accommodate up to 28 people. Flyer equipped with air conditioning, Singapore is hot throughout the year, but here you have nothing to worry about, even if the hot sun outside, the cabin is very comfortable, like, you can easily walk around in it, using the camera to record every corner of Singapore.




Next to the ticket office on the first floor main entrance escalators have, of course, you can also book in advance of the official website, it is recommended to purchase tickets in the evening, so you can admire the views of the Bald and night. The second floor is the viewing waiting room, visitors must first enter through the inner security, first museum, you can visit it before we ride. 1: 500 small Ferris wheel, where you can take pictures photo. After into the staff there will give you pictures, photos can be seen at the outlet, like, $ 20 to spend on buying as a souvenir.




Ferris wheel facilities good, if there are more than hungry gourmet shop downstairs, such as Ya Kun breakfast and so on. Out of the door there will be a lot of food stalls to choose from, cheap and delicious. Of course, if economic conditions permit, you can also choose to dine in the Ferris wheel, flying packages such as champagne, signature cocktails flight packages, Singapore Sling flight packages, tea Star, Star Man feast air travel and so on. The cabin design can be based on different activities and gatherings theme decor arrangement, according to the needs and match different video and audio systems food and wine. In the special day, where you can also hold in the top of the world, the birthday party was held in the air as well as natural fit air wedding!




In addition, the building is located in the Flyer is a lush atrium artificial rainforest, is also a paradise for nature lovers. Experience the Singapore Flyer, the trails along about five easy walk and enjoy the tranquility within the rainforest.


Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is located in the northern part of Singapore Miles Lake, the world’s most fascinating wildlife habitat. Zoo with full open model to replace the natural barrier fence, creating a natural environment for a variety of animals. In addition to the general class of some conventional and some zoo animals, within the Singapore Zoo also exhibited a lot of rare animal species around the world, such as orangutans, Malayan tapir, proboscis monkey, white Bengal tigers.




In addition, there are a lot of birds, insects and reptiles, 21% of the species belong to endangered species. Here, you can catch a tour bus or a leisurely walking tour of the park. Visitors can not only enjoy the sea lions and elephant performances, but also participate in small animal feeding, further close contact with small animals. In addition, the park also for the kids built a children’s playground rain forests, the children can play in the water inside the water park to play, or carriage rides, and have fun while learning or while rich in this wonderful paradise.




Singapore zoo keepers one of the important tasks is to ensure that the physical and psychological needs of animals are met. Exhibition design and captive facilities, food and feeding methods, as well as toys and training periods, can enhance the physical environment of animals.