Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is located within Resorts World Sentosa, the most interest is specifically for Singapore tailor made. In addition visitors can experience the thrilling theme parks and entertainment facilities, here is a collection of many different gift shops and restaurants, it is suitable for the whole family to play together place.




Sci-Fi city

Sci-Fi city is a metropolis from imagined, which contains many of modern life the future of mankind, but mankind and culture of the past can not stand the evolution of time, leaving only little or no no residual.

Recommended play items: Transformers 3D battle the ultimate showdown, the BattlestarGalactica roller coaster track.

Dining: Cafe interstellar chariot Galaxy star sweet ice cream shop.

Shopping: Battlestar gift shop, library energy Transformers, Transformers kettle price of 29.9 Singapore dollars.





Ancient Egyptian

history of ancient Egypt by the 1930s golden age of exploration began in Egypt adapted features of this park is the ancient Egyptian theme, the park has an ancient Egyptian obelisk and pyramid Also on display at that time Pharaoh’s tomb was discovered. The area also joined the popular movie mummy elements. Also, do not forget at the door photo with actors who play Pharaoh.

Recommended play items: Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster, suitable for children to play Treasure Hunters.

Food: Mediterranean cuisine Museum, Egyptian-themed buffet, serves a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Shopping: Carter treasure, a retail shop selling replicas of historical relics, such as Egypt and ancient Egyptian relics and other treasures.




Lost World

Lost World, respectively, Jurassic Park and Waterworld, the two fans love by Universal Studios theme highlights.

Recommended play items: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Canopy Flyer.

Recommended viewing: Waterworld In the movie as a blueprint which will burst and thrilling scenes presented in front of the audience.

Restaurant: Enjoy the taste of Singapore to explore new authentic snacks, snack fossil fuels were offered a delicious American fast food.

Shopping: Home and dinosaurs in Jurassic gifts you can buy all kinds of house theme hats, shirts, picture frames and innovative funny prehistoric Jurassic Park theme merchandising.





Distant kingdom of

Far Far Away is inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek, and fairy tale characters depicted in the distant kingdom of everyday life in the region by a lot of things within the film composition. Do not forget the fairy tale character photo Oh!

Recommended viewing: 4D cinema special effects movie

Restaurant: The Magic mother juice bar in various colorful magic magical beverage you choose. Goldie Music and curly fried chicken fried snack food let your appetites, while there is also the sale of Singapore’s famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

Shopping: In the miraculous magic mother house, you can find Shrek world of colorful candy, novelty toys, as well as a variety of games and merchandise.





was inspired by the movie, the film has four cute animals, they escaped from the Central Park Zoo, unfortunately finally living to Madagascar. The park has a lush tropical jungle, and two rides, but also the film where the characters will appear.

Recommended play Project: King Julien dance rotating carousel, Crate Adventure.

Recommended viewing: Madagascar party, and DreamWorks animated film Madagascar animal stars are sharing the fun.

Restaurant: Into the wild Asian flavors House Museum, mouth-watering taste of satay, Thai hot and sour soup and the chicken tender and juicy. Or you can go to the station to taste delicious snacks Hippo Japanese cuisine.

Shopping: Penguin Trading taken from Madagascar animated star of many a variety of interesting souvenirs.





is located in the entrance area of the park, the park offers attractive Broadway-style theater, but also has several restaurants and a variety of flagship stores. Hollywood Boulevard as a copy of both sides in the region is dynamic architecture and palm trees. And Saturday, Sunday and public holidays designated at night will also show the Hollywood Walk of Fame, will also be distributed in the lagoon park fireworks. Park appeared in film roles, including Kung Fu Panda Bao, Frankenstein, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, etc., you can posed for pictures with everyone.

Recommended viewing: Hollywood Dream Cruise, Hollywood impression fireworks.

Restaurant: Hollywood Squeak restaurant, Starbucks.

Shopping: includes Universal Studios Singapore’s largest gift shop, gift shop and DreamWorks Stars Hansel and Gretel and the like.




New York

This park is built according to the original New York City, New York City, with the show and post-modern era of transition. This area has often portrayed in the movie Universal city skyline, neon signs, facades and pavements, but also deliberately copied the New York Public Library entrance and two stone lions at the entrance to the park, the landscape of New York City in front of visitors presented .