This hotel has a unique shape is sailing Dubai landmark, is the world’s only seven-star hotel, lavish, each suite enjoys panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. And a seafood restaurant Al Mahara, the environment and excellent service, put the Buddha exposure aquarium.




Located in the Arabian Gulf, extending to within 280 meters of the artificial island shaped like a fluttering sails, the most extravagant on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. Its interior decorated extravagant, abound gold, each suite enjoys panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, decorated with warm colors and rich fabrics, and has a capacity of 4-6 people, spacious dining area, and a room supplies are in the world’s top luxury brands. The hotel offers 24-hour butler service to meet the various needs of the guests. Also provides concierge services and transport services, and has equipped with parasols and comfortable sun loungers private beach.

The hotel offers a full-service Spa centers and eight restaurants and bars. Wherein the two well-known restaurant, Al Mahara located seabed, Skyview Bar is located in the air. Al Mahara Seafood Restaurant serves seafood specialties, and with a view of the large aquarium can watch the glass curtain wall. The Sky View Bar Bar is located 200 meters above sea level, the perfect field of view, overlooking the Persian Gulf and not far from Palm Island.

Further, as the world’s only seven-star hotel, 28 floors has its own helipad, helicopter provided aerial view of the city to experience 15 minutes of service. There are dreams Car Rental offers include Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini, the world’s top-class sports car.




Jumeirah public beach


Jumeirah public beach Burj Al Arab Hotel in the northeast, fine white sandy soft, in front of the blue waters of the Persian Gulf, backed by a row of luxury hotels. In addition to the hotel private beach, this is the only place in Dubai publicly swimsuit, but also enjoy the hotel’s excellent sailing and shooting ground.




In Dubai, in addition to major hotels private beach, where Dubai is the only place to be able to openly wear a swimsuit. A public bath on the beach, you can rent beach chairs. This can be seen most of the people on the beach to rest, and there are many beautiful bikini blond guy. Some sitting on the beach with sea views, some lying on the beach in the sun, all of them have a leisurely intoxicated, as if immersed in the romance and tenderness beach in seawater. Far from the sea can also see the swimmers and lying on a surfboard, surfers paddled out against the efforts of the waves.




While you can stroll on the beach, while enjoying the beautiful Burj Al Arab Hotel, to find a suitable angle, shoot a few hotels in the background of sailing fun borrow photo. For example, hand hold sailing hotel, or picked up and Yacht Hotel with the index finger and thumb.


If you are to the beach to play with the group, it may reach the beach during the day, then we must do the protective measures to avoid sunburn.




Watching the sunset, but if you are self go, it is recommended to choose the evening at dusk, when the sun is not so sinister, but also can watch a magnificent sunset. Far from being the whole piece of red sunset sky, Burj Al Arab Hotel in the sunset against the background, the picture becomes a touch of silhouette, exceptionally beautiful, even the return of the valiant people stopped to watch surfing this beautiful moment.