The Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest artificial island, known as the eighth wonder of the world. The island has private apartments, shopping malls, parks, and a number of luxury hotels, the most famous center of the crescent-shaped dam Atlantis, The Palm Hotel.


from the center of Dubai to the Palm Jumeirah Atlantis hotel has a station only three Palm Island gondola , which is light rail.Take the light rail can be a good visit this wonder of the world of artificial islands.
The island scenery
bought tickets, get light rail, the first way is through a number of high-end residential, most buyers are foreigners and local people rarely buy the UAE. Through the high-end residential buildings, he arrived in the first leg of the light rail. Continue to move forward, both sides of the island is artificial palm-shaped island, each “palm leaf” is a group of villas, each villa is a former artificial sandy cove, very luxurious.

On the light rail, you can see there are a few pieces of “palm fronds” bare, no buildings above, there are only just completed artificial island. This is because the world financial crisis, the subsequent lack of funding caused.


Move, approaching crescent-shaped dam, you can see the Atlantis hotel and water park in Dubai. Only book the hotel’s guests have access to, so non-hotel guests can view the outside. Came on the crescent-shaped dam, you can see the ocean and you can see the panoramic view of Atlantis back to the hotel, there is also the best place to get the hotel to do the background taking pictures. After visiting, you can take the light rail to return.


Special Note

Since the Palm Island and the Dubai public rail sightseeing subway is independent, Dubai Palm Island bus card can not take the light rail, the need to separately purchase.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek Dubai is the mother, gave birth to the birth of Dubai. Take the old wooden brig take a dip during the day you can enjoy both sides lined with high-rise buildings and the dome of the mosque; night tour brightly Yi Cai Dubai Creek at night.




Strait landscape

Dubai Creek about 10 kilometers long, will the city of Dubai into two, southwest side of the river is emerging Bur Dubai area, river banks lined with modern high-rise buildings, glass curtain wall in the sun shining, the highest building is a telecommunications building. While the other side is a symbol of Dubai’s historic Old Town Deira, the traditional wind towers, domes of mosques and various assortment bazaar.

Conventional cruise line

if you want to fully appreciate the Dubai Creek, Dubai Creek boat ride is recommended. Conventional route is to visit the Dubai Museum and the historical Arab buildings , after the boat ride to the pier across the gold market and spice market , or vice versa. Sunny morning, when the sun has not been dazzling, with the fresh sea breeze, seen the rise of the river free-flying birds, down the river is crystal clear, and ancient mosques and skyscrapers on both sides of each other, this time the mood I will be very happy.




There are many types of cruise ships, there is an ancient and traditional wooden brig (Abra), a ship can carry 20 tourists gather after the number, the boatman will only charge to passengers before sailing, then 1 Dirham can reach the other side from the side of the river, just 5 minutes. In addition to ferry the way, they can spend on rent for about 40 dirhams an hour Abra, on the Dubai Creek free to take a dip.




In addition to traditional wooden brig, as well as sightseeing boat, called the Dubai Luxury Cruises, Dubai Creek route is around the circle. In addition, there is a boat called the Wonder Bus Tours, looks like a fancy bus, it can be amphibious, very interesting.

The End !