In 1955, the father of Walt Disney in Los Angeles built the world’s first Disney theme park, after decades of expansion, where a collection of the essence of the world around Disneyland. In the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle as the center of several major theme parks will give you the most wonderful experience of pleasure, as well as day turns staged parade and fireworks Imagination, cute Disney animated characters posed for pictures, like exposure to fairy colorful flowers world.


  1. Main Street USA

Main Street USA is a beautiful street, streets lined with vintage ice cream shop and a variety of small shops, if the clock back, here is the first leg of Disneyland. Retro can take in not far from the entrance to the exhibition as well as the Disney story, displaying a variety of old photographs and introduction of Disney history.

  1. Sleeping Beauty Castle



Sleeping Beauty Castle is the entire Disneyland landmark, towering blue spire in every corner of the park can be seen, the fairy tale world of castles reproduce also making it a mandatory take pictures of the land. Entire Disneyland as a center, the major theme parks like the spokes of a wheel diverge.

  1. Fantasy world

Fantasyland is the most likely to encounter in the world of Disney princesses and various cartoon characters you place, the famous Mad Hatter teacups, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan sky tours, and other small world’s most popular amusement facilities are also gathered here.

  1. The World of Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s world is the universe and the future of the city as a theme park, air shuttle rocket, metal buildings will let you experience the band Cosmic Voyage. You can stimulate the roller coaster ride roared through Space Mountain, the pursuit of the thrill and excitement.

In addition, the Indiana Jones Adventure World Adventure, Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square, sided world of Thunderbolt roller coaster, animal world, will play Mickey Toontown is choice, or thrills, romance or fantasy. As night fell, the park is located in the center of the Sleeping Beauty Castle will be transformed into the home of fireworks, it is so amazing journey in fireworks draw a perfect ending.




Special Note


  1. If there are plans to visit California Adventure Park, you can buy two park ticket, more favorable.
    2. The fireworks show start time of 20:40 minutes, for 14 minutes.
    3. After entering the park can receive a free map and timetable, will be marked on the map all the attractions and the need to receive Fast Pass project, in order to reduce queuing time, the proposed maximum use Fast Pass.
    4. Recommends to the early morning, afternoon and evening peak may miss, but if time permits, the evening fireworks must not miss.
    5. To ensure safety, the park is prohibited to use the self-timer lever is recommended to carry a small camera or cell phone to shoot.

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