Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica Beach as the end of Route 66 has been given a special legendary, and Santa Monica Pier as the oldest pier in Los Angeles, became a symbol of Santa Monica, stunning sea view also favored by Hollywood director . There is also a carnival of Los Angeles most famous marina, bustling, all make it stand out in a number of beaches in Los Angeles.




  1. The end of the legendary Route 66

Route 66 is one representative of American culture, its legendary not only because it was the US east and west traffic artery through, but also because it carries the dream of countless people in the United States in the history of the American West has played a pioneering vital important role, and it is this Santa Monica beach road in the United States, the most western end. Even now the interstate highway Route 66 has given way to replace gradually withdraw from the stage of history, but it is still irreplaceable American cultural symbols, attracting people from all over the world pilgrimage.




  1. The old Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica iconic jetty was first built in 1908, on the pier and a playground littered with restaurants as well as specifically for the construction of a green bicycle trails, you can rent a bike on the beach and pier riding slowly, full of historic carousel sits deep pier, waiting for you to look for its shadow.




  1. The popular beach Carnival

On the famous Santa Monica beach Pacific Paradise is a small playground, where there are Titanic to bring in Jack Rose sitting on the Ferris wheel, as well as Forrest Gump Forrest Gump shrimp themed restaurant. Scream roller coaster Corsair, small shops array of small restaurants, theme parties frequently staged street style California band is extremely rich, there are bustling shopping streets, it is the first choice of many beaches in Los Angeles.




Special Note

  1. There are many nearby beach parking available, 6-15 dollars a day, is open from sunrise to sunset, timeout may fine.
  2. The third famous shopping pedestrian street not far from the beach, gathering many brand-name merchandise and cheap, also choose to visit the shopping in this pastime.

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