Top 10 tourist destinations in the world ideal

Can be heard through the name of the landscape below, but be sure you will be amazed at the beauty of the cities pretty diem rate. A beauty that’s hard

1. Puerto Rico-beautiful painting

Coming to Puerto Rico, you will certainly be overwhelmed before the poetic of pastes long afternoon I beaches, especially the island of Vieques or Culebra, Mona. Next to that is the city located on the backs of mountains, facing the charming sea.

Located in Hotel watch sunrise and great views of the Sea early in the morning, the truth is very good. Of course cannot ignore the old San Juan is located on a hill with the ancient houses sophisticated pattern engraving stations.
2. Maui-bustling island

Despite being small island in the Hawaiian Islands, but Maui is where attracting numerous tourists by the intriguing play activities. The most interesting is the surfing, diving coral under the sea or sailing, whale watching … especially on the island also has a huge golf so it usually converges a lot of world famous golf players (including Tiger Woods). When did the fun delight in the beaches, you can visit the major tourist destination of Maui.

The Hana highway is the first bending around the mountains, passing through the black sand as well as the spectacular waterfalls. You should not ignore Lahaina, one of the most attractive spots on the island with shops, restaurant runs along either side of the road.

3. San Francisco-the mighty mountains 

Is the fourth most populous city of the State of California, San Francisco attractions by the scenic hills of nature. In it are the famous mountain named the City-San Francisco mountain. It is interesting to be wandering on the winding road up the steep hill leading to the long-running the mountain.

Amazing beautiful landscape with tree horizontal terrace next to the majestic mountains. If you like the atmosphere of the city, you should proceed straight into the Heartland to jewelry free fun games with friends. Classic medium setting, modern medium offers charming beauty for San Francisco.
4. Prague-the ancient beauty

Located on the River Vltava, Prague (Czech Republic) was dubbed the “city of gold” the capture of the ancient and fascinating beauty for Europe. Every year, it attracts thousands of visitors by the ancient architecture of a world such as astronomical clocks, square Staromestske namesti … Prague highlights with bright red tile roof homes located across the way. Many people get to do was admire the beauty of magic and enjoy the tunes immortalized by street bands.

Next to it is a series of cultural events, concerts and plays are held regularly.

5. Zurich-ideal city 

Based on the quality of life, green space and a mild climate, Zurich is the people around the world voted as the best city in the world. This is the pride of Switzerland when the owner of the financially strong cities, political stability and attract tourists as well as art lovers thanks to the Museum system and unique cultural festival. To Zurich, you don’t forget to sample a glass of beer and a delicious place here. At the same time stroll around the store design to admire the exquisite artwork and try the delicious dishes at the restaurant. Especially in Zurich the air extremely airy fresh, by most cars are banned on many roads in the city centre.

Including both Bahnhofstrasse Avenue, so you can relax,
go shopping or drink coffee without fear of being bothered by the noise and smoke and dust.

6. Austin-quiet riot

Austin is the city of dreaming in the State of Texas (USA) is located next to the Colorado River and peaceful.The city name is retrieved by the name of Austin hero in the wars and the building up of the universities here.The coastal city is a pleasant, green landscape with the bridge over the river and the trees on either side of the road.

Pubs, clubs, gift shop, restaurant, café, shop … is what you can easily caught on the roads when it has set foot in the city. So can understand why famous racer Lance Armstrong chose Austin as a place of residence.

7. Crete-colorful island 

Visitors will have a chance to admire the classic beauty and modern, youthful traits of the city on the island of Crete. In it are the city of Heraklion, where you can enjoy a variety of wonderful dishes in the warm sunshine and cool breezes. Surely this would be ideal, peaceful is for you to stop and explore the ancient culture of the island of Crete as well as Greece.

If like the vibrant, bustling atmosphere then you wait night falls and visit the famous nightclubs, bars here. Next to that is the shopping centre and many shops selling clothing, shoes jewelry deals for you to choose.

8. Edinburgh-a charming piece of land 

Stand in any corner of the city of New Town, you can also capture threshold of diem beauty Edinburgh Castle is located on top of Mount Flint. Also around is very much high spires of the Cathedral and the old house nicely. Perhaps this is a tourist attraction although this season it’s usually quite cold. Edinburgh is also known by many annual festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe (the largest performing arts festival in the world) or Edinburgh Military Tattoo …

So, many say, to England without visiting Scotland as Edinburgh then you will regret all your life!

9. Budapest-European jewel 

The capital of Hungary-Budapest was dubbed the Paris of Eastern Europe reveal the brilliant and charming when sunset gently covered across the city. This place is famous for the bridge North of the Danube River connecting the horizontal Chain banks of Buda with Pest shore. Landscape with classical architecture helps to Budapest soon became the jewel of Europe. This is also the place of familiar Hollywood filmmakers to recreate the beauty of the ancient city.

Not have any capital left owns many world heritage sites such as the Budapest along the famous structures such as the National Opera House, the Millennium Monument and building Europe’s largest Congress …

10. San Diego-Moss beauty 

Building from the 15th century, but today it is the second largest city of the State of California.Ignore the looks of the old buildings survive as a cultural fixtures, San Diego carries the full breath of the Us on both the lifestyle and culture. Special points for which any tourist would also not be ignored is that the warm sunny stretch of coast.

Add a surprise when coming here is flower canvas of thousands of famous farm region of Carlsbad. A beauty both classic country and the bustle of a modern coastal city is the reason that every week, thousands of tourists flock here to bathe and enjoy the sea of flowers.

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