Top 10 the most beautiful Japanese tourist 2016

You prepare the vi vu Japan and are looking for the most beautiful Japanese tourist? Asian tourism to revealing to you the point to just poison, just weird!

No coincidence Japan was voted as one of the most attractive destinations in the year 2016. It owns the winning landscapes to conquer every visitors. From the beauty of the ancient temple of Asakusa, Subrahmanya Temple, to the Tokyo Tower Skytree’s modern, or the romance of that Majesty of Mount Fuji … all will be the point to which you can’t ignore when coming to Japan.

1: the pagoda Asakusa


Asakusa Sensoji Temple is especially attracted to the Japanese people to pray on the eve as well as in the first days of the new year. The temple was built in the SEVENTH century, is the oldest temple in Tokyo.

Before entering the temple, visitors will have to go through the portal gate of Thunder) symbols typical of Asakusa and Tokyo. Gates has hung a large red lanterns, 4 m high, circumference of 3.4 m, weighs about 670kg, the two sides are the statues of two gods: the God of wind and Thunder.

2: Chua Thanh Thuy-Kiyomizu Dera

A temple also equally famous Subrahmanya Temple is located in Otowa mountain, is the most famous ancient temple in Kyoto.

The temple was built in 778 and was recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. The pagoda is a collective consisting of many different buildings designed in the style of classical architecture. In it, the Chief Temple of power is viewed as “national treasures” of Japan Where it attracted hundreds of thousands of weekly visitors visit every year. This is also one of the attractions of Japan attracts many visitors.

3: the Temple of gold


Located in Northern Kyoto, Kinkaku Temple also known as the Golden Temple is famous to be included into textbooks taught in schools across Japan and is recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

Kinkaku Temple was originally a residence of General Ashikaga, Commander in the Muromachi period (1336-1573). After his death, the House became a temple to be completely inlaid in gold leaf.Exquisite beauty in the architecture combined with lake views, surrounding nature create a pagoda for the beauty and harmony, intimacy without loss.

4: tv Tokyo Tower Skytree

Tv Tokyo Tower Skytree is the second highest Tower in the world, representing a modern and dynamic Japan.

The Tower officially opened in 2012, and has quickly become one of the tourist spots in Japan. In 634m, this is the height of the tower itself help the world’s largest. From the Observatory, visitors can see the 360 degree panorama of Tokyo City extends over 100 km range.

5: the Japanese Imperial Palace


Japan Imperial Palace is always a Japanese tourist is every traveler’s favorite. It still is in place and the work of the Japanese imperial family is like the mansion for the national leader around the world, the buildings of the Imperial Palace and gardens inside are not open welcoming visitors.

However, in the two days of the year (December and 2 January), visitors can enter the inner Imperial Palace Gardens to see the Royal family waving from the balcony.

6: Osaka Castle


Ancient beauty that gaudy of Japan will be having in Osaka Castle.

The castle was built in the late 16th century and was viewed as the symbol of the city of Osaka. The castle was designed consisting of 8 floors with tile layer is gold plated exquisitely NET. This is where the exhibits of weapons, armor, items of the previous century. The Castle site is a vast park of more than 60,000 m2 of cherry blossoms. Is one of the most beautiful cherry blossom in Japan.

With dreamy landscape, it is the Japanese tourist spots that you can’t miss when coming to the country the cherry blossoms.

7: Mount Fuji


If mentioning the most beautiful Japanese tourist destination, visitors can’t help but remind to Mount Fuji.

Legend, the first up to the Summit of this mountain is a monk. Because the sacred mountain is a former women should not be allowed to climb to the top of the mountain. Of course, nowadays, this practice has been abolished. If not, unfortunately for us right???

Today, Fuji has become risky pleasure of visitors all over the world. According to estimates, each year there are about 300,000 devotees in your favorite adventure, conquer and discover the beauty of the mountain 3776m.

8: Lake Ashi


Add a tourist in Japan that you can’t overlook is the Lake Ashi. Where are viewed as more points for Mount Fuji. It was like watching a stroke add to the Majesty, sacred mountain God.

The Lake Ashi, is a stunning freshwater lake is formed on a volcanic Crown at the foot of Mount Fuji.More than 20 km wide, the Lake is surrounded by lush groves. Go sailing on the Lake, the scenic Mount Fuji from afar, admire the beautiful scenery on the banks would be full interesting experiences in cruise travel Japan.
9: Ancient Village

In trính discover Mount Fuji, you can’t come to the ancient Village Oshino Hakkai.

This is a small peaceful village at the foot of Mount Fuji, is one of the few places still retained the ancient cultural values, one point to attract more visitors to the country when the cherry blossoms.Coming to this place, you will have the opportunity to experience the exciting things in Japanese culture in ancient Village Oshino Hakkai.

You have chosen to be a Japanese tourist favorite? Please share with Asian tourism to help you discover the beauty of the cherry blossom in this country!

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