1. Oahu

Oahu is the third largest island of Hawaii, the island has 11 cities, of which the best known is Honolulu, also known as Honolulu.
Oahu, Honolulu or tourists mainly visit, you can Waikiki Beach to find the good side of the hotel, a vacation, enjoy the beach, coconut trees and beautiful ocean views.




Like history, you can go to Pearl Harbor, visit the Arizona Battleship Memorial and USS Missouri Memorial . Like the outdoors, you can climb Diamond Head , Waikiki Beach, overlooking the whole beautiful arc, and the deep blue Pacific Ocean. You can also go to Pali experience a feeling of being strong winds bluster, but can go to GuLanni ranch , visited numerous films and television shows filmed, such as Jurassic Park, experience a variety of entertainment, in stretches of the valley feel the adventure fun.




Come here on vacation, you can also go to Hanauma Bay this natural harbor, swimming, snorkeling, see a variety of fish in coral reef cruise shuttle. You can also go to Dole pineapple plantation can take a scenic train tour. Here, the challenge at the world’s largest outdoor plant maze, collect eight seal. No matter what kind of vacation you choose, you need to pay attention to where the sun do the measures.


  1. Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is located in Diamond Head on the east side, is a natural bay, it is the only beach in Hawaii charges. Here the water is shallow, calm sea, suitable for snorkeling and swimming.




Visiting  from Waikiki Beach by bus just 30 minutes from Hanauma Bay, the first to buy tickets upon arrival, after waiting in line. Staff will put one group of visitors to enter a small movie hall. Movie entrance hall can receive voice translator, can tell the staff said Chian, staff will help fine tune the translator, after entering the cinema hall.

Watch the video movie is mainly about the formation of Hanauma Bay, and how the local indigenous people discover, and Hanauma Bay its name. Hanauma Bay is also about ecology, telling people where fish can only look, not allowed to touch, and not feeding. In order to protect these ecosystems, Hanauma Bay the number of visitors per day is limited to 3,000 people. Movies not long, only a short ten minutes, you can walk down the slope after the end, continue to the dressing room swimsuit.




Access to the beach  access to the beach, where the sand is fine, the sea is very clear, at most, to go waist-deep in the sea. Can play in the sand on the beach, swim in the water can also be more able to go far into the sea snorkeling spot. More to the sea, more fish, but also see a lot of natural reefs, beautiful color.

Recommendation morning of Hanauma Bay, this time not a lot of tourists, and there is no afternoon sun sinister. Can bring their own food, after playing well in the sea shore, go up along a lawn slopes, a dining table and free drinking water pipe on the lawn, you can enjoy a delicious meal here comes lunch, overlooking the beautiful blue bay down the hill .


Special NoteHanauma Bay

  1. Hanauma Bay sunshine during the day, so the sun, it is recommended to do protective measures.
  2. The recommendations come early, have a limited number of people every day, and late, it will only queue up for tickets to enter the beach to wait for a long time.
  3. supplies have rent snorkeling beach, but because of health problems, it is recommended to bring their own snorkeling supplies is not recommended for hire.3.Diamond Head

Diamond Head Mountain is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, which is an extinct volcano, is a symbol of two famous Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, also known as Diamond Head Crater. It is like a Wolong lying not far from Waikiki Beach, on the beach overlooking Diamond Head Crater.




Walk up the hill 

To fully appreciate the views of Diamond Head, the best way is on foot. To drive from Waikiki Beach parking lot at the foot of the mountain about 10 minutes. After arriving Peak parking is located in the center of Diamond Head crater, walking from the parking lot to the top of the route is 2.6 km circular route of a treaty, totaling 175 boarding steps. It will have a tunnel, the tunnel will be 175 steps divided into two sections, the trail homeopathy, full height of about 170 meters, relative or very good climb.

This hiking trail over a century old, the beginning is cement road, is relatively stable, the middle section is a dirt road, more difficult to walk. Many people climbing on the hillside to repair trails are basically climbing tourists. Lush vegetation on both sides of the trail and walked halfway up the mountain, will be able to see as far as the Pacific Ocean.




Continue on foot forward will soon come to a climb up the iron stairs, stairs only through the two side by side, flanked by iron handrails. Boarded at the stairs in front of the tunnel it is. Through the tunnel, there is a higher level to continue to climb. Before coming to the summit, but also less than 1 meter high climb a military bunker, then after the summit.

Peak scenery  hilltop can see the entire 360-degree views of the city of Honolulu, also overlooking the vast expanse of the blue color in front of the Pacific Ocean, as well as beautiful arc not far from Waikiki Beach. Another angle can also see the entire crater look like, and in which the parking lot. Do not forget to take a picture at the top of Waikiki Beach panorama, looking at the beauty at the same time, you can still see on the trail have walked before someone constantly continue to climb up.




Special Note


  1. It is recommended before noon to go, this time not too strong ultraviolet radiation, but also suggest good protective measures.
  2. There are a mountain trail is not good to go, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes mountaineering.
  3. Please do not leave trails when hiking. Please carry items into the park all away. Do not allow the use of fire. Trail does not allow camping, tent.



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