1. Ocean Kingdom Zhuhai Chime Long

Chime Long Ocean Kingdom Zhuhai Long International Ocean Resort, one of the world’s largest marine theme park. The park is divided into eight theme areas, set all kinds of marine animals treasure pavilion, dynamic rides, three major theater shows in one, but also enjoy the taste of food and Universal’s top shopping, not to be missed.




Enter the door of the passage is a devil fish shape, a large screen above the constantly playing underwater world of animals, this is the first regional seas street. Both sides of the Ocean Avenue is the place to buy souvenirs, here to welcome, sightseeing, shopping and leisure-based.




After a passage of marine Avenue after the left area from south to north is the sea Xiangshan, colorful world, polar explorer.Xiangshan sea water as the theme, live South American sea lions, fur seals and other animals in South Africa, can also participate in surf sailing, super rapids rides; colorful world ocean kingdom Qinzileyuan, more suitable for parents with children to play together; polar explorers to the main ice landscape, where you can see the lovely penguins, polar bears and beluga whales.




Marine area on the right street from south to north is Dolphin Cove and the rainforest fly zone. Dolphin Bay dolphins watching the main name implies; playground equipment rainforest fly zone is the most exciting adventure of the whole park, there are many entertainment projects, is most recommended to play roller coaster parrot, the parrot here is the longest roller coaster roller coaster global flight, it climbs nearly 20-storey height, then rapidly down.

  1. Hangzhou Songcheng scenic

Located in the southwest suburbs of Hangzhou Songcheng, Song is a large cultural theme park. Song filled with antique-style restaurant, grocery store, blacksmith shop, Wine Shop, etc. everywhere. Street puppet shows, shadow, Health Warning performances, will encounter armored soldiers patrol the street or apprehend fugitives, giving a wonderful sense of crossing.




Songcheng will certainly come to see Song Dynasty forever love, through large-scale song and dance show, you will see the Liangzhu ancient life, Song Zhaohuang Palace brilliant, Yuejia army brutality and Butterfly Lovers, White Snake in eternal farewell, experience a shock return to the soul. Area where there are some small scene performances, you can crowd Miss Wang Yuanwai home throwing Hydrangea marry, to participate in rush hydrangea, if lucky enough to be recruited as Chenglongkuaixu free riding lap around the city also oh.

Songcheng also exploring a variety of projects. You can see the living painting and enjoy dynamically ancient picture, or try the step by step startling haunted house or Ghost Story fright haunted house on their own how much courage, you can also go to the strange street look sideways or upside down house, go to Foku Buddhism in a probe Fam.




The scenic area gathered around snacks, but now make and sell, you can taste the cake, jelly cake, asparagus sugar, ignore the dog buns, fried tofu and other snacks, as well as spicy meal, casserole, barbecue and other food, can also positive shop, foot store Song very distinctive restaurants, a taste of Hangzhou cuisine and other dishes around.


  1. Guangzhou Canton Tower

Canton Tower in Guangzhou landmarks, including the transmitting antenna included, tower up to 600 meters, the first tower. It is possible to top-down views overlooking Guangzhou. Its head and tail pretty, slender waist exquisite, and waistline commonly known. Here will be lit at night, even without travel column, but also to capture this look for pictures.




Guangzhou tower from bottom to top, AE is divided into a total of five functional areas, namely A part Taki District of Guangzhou to introduce the history, culture, economy and tourist attractions such as display and set the tourism service facilities. Crown Towers is part of the E zone, set catering, entertainment features and the viewing platform.




Guangzhou Tower entertainment altitude horizontal Ferris wheel, downhill experience limit projects and 4D theater, except it there are many other attractions, such as the Pearl River viewing platform photography, photography 488 viewing platform, Baiyun / Starlight Tourism hall, hall tour damping system, Spiderman plank Road, mostly in the main viewing photography.




Guangzhou, there are many packages that can be purchased according to individual needs, the current base of Stars tour tickets or tickets Baiyun most visitors choose the most, of course, if you want to experience the Ferris wheel or the like Spiderman Plank Road. I think it should have the option of packages. It would be more cost-effective.



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