1. USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum is located next to the Port of San Diego marina, it was a sign of the US Navy, it was the first US Navy ship Midway class aircraft carriers, where visitors will also to the attractions.

In front of the USS Midway Museum, a huge sculpture named Victory Kiss, you can take pictures came up, but the statue too big, people often only approached and skirts. After a group photo with sculpture began to visit the ship like a gigantic museum.

At the entrance to the aircraft carrier, in addition to the visitors to take a free tour map, you can also rent a free audio guide device. Each museum exhibits and exhibition every point assigned numbers, visitors simply enter the corresponding number on the Navigator, you can hear a voice about the exhibits or exhibition point of introduction. Navigator when you need to back away from the museum staff.




The museum is divided into three components, the first part is the people and machines (Man and Machine), which is located in the hangar floor and a front deck. The second part is the sea in the city (City at Sea), located in the ship’s deck 2,3,4. The third part is the top boat (On the Roof), situated in the fight deck, while the main import and export Aircraft Carrier Museum is located in the first section.

From import into the No. 2 booth first thing is a TBM Avenger torpedo attack aircraft used during World War II, the United States, before the aircraft has a fixed photographic point for visitors in this pictures. No. 3 on the stand, is a giant screen showing the carrier’s record videos and images.

Booth No. 12 on the World War II was a fearless type SBD dive bomber in the US Navy, but not striking the aircraft, but the aircraft in front of a ripe old age of World War II veterans. Veterans are survivors and witnesses of the attack on Pearl Harbor, next to the old man placed a small square table, the old man lying on the table when the valiant dressed in sailor suits and old photographs of his wife and young photo. There was a party man behind Pearl Harbor was enlarged map, next to a chair, but the old man did not sit. He always stood for tourists lively about the situation when his personal experience. Taking into account the aging veterans museum, where they are relatively short period of time, usually two hours or so.




Then lower down the ladder to the deck of the ship’s living and working area, it is a first visit can be used for hundreds of people dining at the same cafeteria. This can be said that everything living area, laundry room, hospital, post office, the dining room (min soldiers and officers), bar, club officers, various quarters, operations room, communications center, office captain, metal processing workshops, gallery and even a prison, really small but perfectly formed.

We came to the third part of the museum, where the fighting is part of the aircraft carrier, the top of the carrier. Here stocked with an array of up to 20 kinds of aircraft, helicopters, transport planes. This is the middle of the Vietnam War known F4 Phantom fighter, F8 Crusader fighter, F9F-8P Cougar fighter, F9F Panther fighter like. There are still serving Tomcats fighter F14, F18 Hornet fighter.




Visitors can read the text presentation in front of each aircraft, or by voice navigator to understand the performance of the aircraft. In addition visitors can also board a T-2 Buckeye trainer intermediate sea, boarding experience feelings. This is one pair made double offshore intermediate jet trainer. To give visitors the sense of reality, there is a complete coach character models go into the cab of the rear seat and the cockpit instrument panel joystick complete machine equipment.

After visiting to command part of an aircraft carrier battle here, including captain command room, telecommunications centers, air traffic control center. Due to limited space on the bridge, visitors must wait in line batch led by museum staff up visit. Tourists go up before each start with the staff to explain the precautions when visiting, because the small space tourists, so visitors each bridge above a time limit.

This part of the museum is not allowed in the part of the audio tour, because there live commentary on board staff and the staff of these explanations are mostly on the ship or other carrier retired veterans. Although they were dressed in civilian clothes, but their explanation of the time, from among their gestures still imagine then they ship figure.




Along with veteran first came to air traffic control center, which is located in the master command center beneath the left rear, on the deck of the aircraft where the entire panoramic view. Then came the captain control room, control room located in the front of the bridge, there may be an entire front view panoramic view. Captain position in the left rear of the entire control room, it’s high chair, condescending feeling. Through the front window, we can clearly see the other two active aircraft carrier moored across the harbor.

This visit on all over, after landing the aircraft can take a photo of the shore.