1. SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego is located in the scenic American Mission Bay, it is one of the world’s most famous marine theme park. Since San Diego pleasant climatic conditions and geographical location, the Ocean Park every year attracts large numbers of tourists to pour in, it has become a landmark tourist attraction in San Diego.




Sea World marine animals most famous killer whale Shamu show is (Shamu) show, in addition to dolphins, sea lions and small pets performances in the summer evening Ocean Park will be a fireworks display. In addition to a variety of fascinating marine animal shows, there are a large variety of marine life aquarium, show the polar marine organisms, such as Shark, Emperor Penguin, Polar Bear Polar Museum and so on. In addition, there are a variety of coral reefs and marine fish, marine life aquarium species within many other people dizzying. There are many large fish you can and close contact with them, and even to touch them close.




To SeaWorld basically you have to be ready in a day, remember to take a large map of the park, will be listed on the back of all animals show show time, you can arrange the order slightly to when entering the port. Most of the performers were started after 10:30 in the morning, because many screenings, so even if you play the same afternoon performances are about organic will look again.

After the admission First, you can go with an ocean view area 11:00 killer whale show (The Shamu Show), which is the highlight of SeaWorld, the length of day only three performances, the show of 25 minutes, because of the large number of people you need at least half an hour early to grab a good location, if you do not want to wet Shamu, or want to see a wide range of performances, please sit back a little. If you want to be ready to wet or a raincoat, you can be sitting five rows.

See the entire show is very amazing, very touched, their trainer training well, you can see the whales trainer on her back and slide, or move in their mouths so that the trainer standing tall stand up. The most interesting is that they will belly up, pitched himself off a tidal wave, you can put in front of all the spectators pouring wet. So, put on disposable raincoat is very necessary. Of course, if you do not bring a raincoat does not matter, playground equipped with a dryer, but the drying time for a $ 5.




After reading the killer whale show you can go to the Blue Horizon watch the dolphins and birds show 12:00, about 20 minutes, where visitors can observe bottlenose dolphins and California seaMase, and learn more about these biological knowledge. Lucky visitors may also be invited to the stage with the dolphins intimate contact with it.

Watching the show is the time to lunch, if economic conditions permit you can choose with killer whales sharing meals, enjoy a sumptuous buffet on the private pool terrace killer whales. However, sharing meals and killer whales Seats are limited, if interested in advance to the predetermined central park reservations. Adult price is $ 39. Of course, the higher cost of the park, there are many American fast food restaurants, a number of points on burgers, pizza and ice cream, a few ten dollars can solve a delicious lunch.

After eating lunch, you can follow the order to continue watching the show and sea lion shows, visit the Shark Aquarium, sea turtles and penguins reef museum. Kids can choose to watch a small animal pet carnival show. Young people can try some exciting rides, such as the Atlantis trip is a roller coaster and Liu Yong Jin-in-one experience, you will only accommodate eight people aboard Greek fishing vessels from 60 meters high top Atlantis City departure rapidly fall to the ground, feel the rapids, projected light, smoke and water cannons and other dazzling special effects. The same type of roller coaster Manta rays are also worth a try.

Of course, if you feel too tired to play it can also be directly mounted in the Sky Tower (extra tickets, adult US $ 3), not only in the one hundred meters altitude panorama overlooking the Ocean Park, you can also view the hundred meters of San Diego and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

In addition, SeaWorld San Diego is full of souvenirs you can buy your Heart, each pavilion has its own rich selling souvenirs shop. Dolphins, killer whales and other animals, plush toys, candy, souvenir T-shirts you can find in the price range of $ 10 to a few tens of dollars, have a favorite, then you can buy some home.




Special Note

  1. attractions offer a variety of packages available: Package 1 (Universal Studios + Sea World combination): USD 142 for adults, $ 1.34 for children ages 3-9. Package 2 (+ SeaWorld San Diego Zoo Safari Park + combination): Adult $ 149, US $ 119 for children 3-9 years old. City Package: Adult $ 328, US $ 284 for children 3-9 years old.
  2. The park has a fixed place to park the stroller, play with children to facilitate tourists.
  3. The fireworks show was open only in summer, time is about 20:00.
  4. The animal show at different times,
  5. backyard garden with many birds, please do not go to feed or capture them, and they coexist peacefully.