1. Colorado Island



Coronado, the Spanish crown is the meaning of the peninsula in San Diego area by a steel Coronado Bridge links the two sides. Coronado Island seems to have a similar temperament and Crown, magnificent, shining glory. It is one of the most fascinating in the Pacific resort, with unrivaled sea and fine beaches, not afraid of life seabirds leisurely around you pass, lying in the shade of a palm tree between calm, listening to the tide from the ebb tide of the sea against the shore, you are the happiest person in the world children.




In Coronado Island, you have to visit the Hotel delCoronado.Built in 1888, the building del Coronado is that the world’s initial five-star building. It’s not just the famous and luxurious decor, more noteworthy is that those who stay in the name of the people. President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe tryst here often for Americans to abandon the throne of Edward VIII was here recognize Edith Ellis Simpson, the American writer Frank Baum in the hotel completed the creation of the classic fairy tale The Wizard of Oz . Thomas Edison supervised the completion of all the lighting facilities on site, it can be said that when he invented the light bulb, the entire Hotel del Coronado had this great invention is installed.


  1. Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego is located in downtown San Diego, California, this is the birthplace of California, since the border with Mexico, so there are many Mexican immigrants, the Old Town and therefore retains the authentic Mexican style, with a lot of integration here in Europe and America element, the Old City is a great place to find out the perfect blend of American and Mexican culture.




For a good day to play the old town of basic needs. At the entrance of the old town stands a white eye-catching signs, from here is a historical and cultural walking street. Both sides of the pedestrian street are distinctive souvenir shop, the shop is filled with small and unique, exquisite and unique souvenirs, and some courtyard for people to rest.

Souvenir shop goods can be described as Ling Lang everywhere, where the cowboy hat is relatively hot. There are also Mexicans sell apparel, clothing preferences of these strong colors and colorful pattern. In addition to the store, the car on the roadside and some have been converted into a small gift shop, leisurely.




Walk the Old City, but also see the most common plant cactus in Mexico, most of them strange shapes. In addition to the Old City retains the ancient architecture of the nineteenth century and quiet life, there are many restaurants, leisurely afternoon, tired in the town, you can find a coffee shop to sit and enjoy this quiet time. If you are a car to go, do not worry about parking, the Old Town is some free parking available parking.

Old City, there are many museums you can visit the more famous is the old town center of the Old Town State Historic Park (Old Town State Historic Park), a visitor center and museum in the park, is open from 10: 00-17: 00. In addition the park also organizes a number of activities, are interested can go visit.

In addition to the Old Town State Historic Park, the old city, there is a better known attractions – Whaley House (Whaley house), it is also famous haunted house, the Old City is now one of the most frightening museum. From the Old Town State Historic Park two blocks, you can slowly stroll past. Whaley House in addition to a long history, and it filled the entire room a unique atmosphere and a variety of ghost gloomy ghosts, bizarre crime and murder dismembered legend. Hours 9: 00-21: 00.




Also, if you come here on a Saturday, you can stroll the city’s old bazaar, its entrance is two simple wooden door. Every weekend there are a lot of tourists gathered to buy their favorite items, there are a lot of artifacts, pottery, jewelry, clothing and glassware. Old City Market is open Saturday morning 10: 00-16: 00.




Of course, in addition to walking outside the Old City tour, ride the tram tour is a good choice. Tram (Trolley) street for tourists to visit, stroll tired, you can freely hop on the tram to a tram tour. Tram whole trip about 2 hours, in addition to the old town attractions can also explore the city of San Diego attractions including the USS Midway Museum , Balboa Park , Port of San Diego , San Diego Zoo and Colorado Island ferry. Visitors can follow the whole trip with the next, hours, summer 9: 00-18: 00, winter 9: 00-17: 00, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas break. Adult fare of $ 39 to $ 19 for children 4-12 years old, as well as online booking discount, specifically refer to the official