1. Balboa Park in

Located in downtown San Diego’s Balboa Park District was built in 1910, with the nation’s largest urban cultural park, he said, comparable to New York’s Central Park .
The park has a human history, photography, art museums and other 15 topics, and the famous San Diego Zoo. In addition to the museum, in the park there are several different styles of gardens, rose garden, tropical greenhouse plants, desert parks, cactus gardens and Palmdale, etc., you can make a surprise discovery.




Park North and south two regions, north to Panama Square as the center, many museums 1915 Panama – California Exposition legacy of buildings, with a strong sense of the Spanish Renaissance. Southern Pan American Plaza in the center, around the building in 1935 in California – Pacific International Exposition legacy of, with the architectural style of the American Southwest.

Entering the park, both sides of the road are mostly museum, the museum is not open on holidays, visiting only the appearance of tourists want to visit the museum, you can select a non-holiday travel, buy a $ 30 ticket (valid within a week), more cost effective , you can visit all the museums.

After a park across the highway overpass on the 5th, stroll along the east-west direction of El Prado Avenue, first greeted building is Museum of Man. The whole building magnificent, carved arches and the bottom of the second floor landing lattice windows on both sides are symmetrical double meticulously carved pillars, decorated with statues of different characters, although no cross, but the church has a medieval flavor .




Go inside the old Globe Theatre (The Old Globe), which is an imitation of Shakespeare’s theater style built, will host the annual Shakespeare Festival, while other times outside the theater festival is open to the public.

Walked down the long corridors of Panama Plaza, is the Museum of Art (Museum of Art) on the square. The other side of the square fountain, followed by the Spanish governor Balboa sculpture, next to the tall building is the visitor center of the park. The square characteristic Spanish architecture and tropical palm trees against the background in the red Kapok, added a bit more romantic color.

Continue towards the west, in the atrium of cloister rest park, north facing rectangular lily pond, behind the wood to build a plant Museum , which is the most beautiful garden full of attractions, unfortunately not open.

West of El Prado promenade is a huge fountain, north of San Diego Natural History Museum is a magnificent building (San Diego Natural History Museum), go north from here, behind the Natural History Museum to see a century-old fig tree (Moreton Bay fig tree), which is the United States supreme fig tree.




It is in a tree the Casa del Prado Theatre (The Casa Del Prado Theater), which is America’s oldest children’s theater performances. The building is the most exciting four rows of pillars, wound above the grape sculpture, beautiful. Spanish art theater next to the village, where there are more than thirty studio rooms, galleries for local artists to use. The front of each store has the artist carefully arranged flower beds. Walking in stone on the road, such as flags, looking at the blue sky expanse of red tile and colorful Spanish house wisteria, enjoying every flower bed, as if into a painter’s palette, and became a blur on the canvas Colour.

Back to Panama Plaza, along the Spanish governor Balboa sculpture south, came to known as the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ concert hall – organ recital Shipuruike organ performance hall (Spreckels Organ Pavilion), the composition of the steel by the 3500 hall open-air concerts are held regularly. From here to the south, it is the Pan American Square as the center of the Southern District, where buildings and buildings can not be compared to the North of the Spanish Renaissance, and therefore fewer visitors.




If you have control, then the museum, do not miss the park’s most impressive San Diego Aerospace Museum (Space Museum & San Diego Air ) and the San Diego Sports Museum (San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum), which is the nation’s largest sports museum .

Santiago Barr Poianapark is very large, if you do not want to take too many road, you can also take a free tour of the park, very convenient.

Special Note

Park museum is not open on holidays, the park can be visited all museums information official website: http://www.balboapark.org/in-the-park/Museums