Acropolis in Athens’ city center, in the southwest, dominating the 150-meter-high summit of the Acropolis hill, is a symbol of the city’s landmarks and ancient Greece. Acropolis was built in 580 BC, Acropolis in Greek means the height of the city, east, south and north hills are steep cliffs, can be described as a natural barrier, he served as a strong military fortress, it is generally from the west side of the main entrance to the Acropolis.

The door Bray

First entering the Acropolis resort to go through the door Bray (Beule Gate), it is found that the French archaeologist Ernest Beule name named. Along the ramp leading to the gate to continue upward, the left hand side you can see a base of up to 8 meters above have had Agrippa (Agrippa) monument is a bronze statue of the Roman general driving chariots.





Athena Goddess Temple

The upper right-hand side, it is an elegant and beautiful small temple – Temple of Athena Nike Women, also known as Victory female temple, which was originally located at the gate to the right higher in 2003 as a whole to be migrated to the present Location reconstruction. Original temple was built in 427 BC – 424 years BC, is a building around the column, two each with four graceful Ionic-style columns, decorative patterns stigma have curly, very fine and elegant. Frieze decorated with description myths, war scenes sculpture, now incomplete.





In fact, the path leading to the gate (Propylaia) Acropolis is the real entrance gate was built in 437 BC to 432 BC, there was a central hall, flanking two sides respectively, five each part of the building opened a gate. The central hall is Doric style pillars (pillar has 20 grooves, stigma no decoration), flanked on both sides of the pillars is the Ionian style. The door leading to the hall Panathenaea holiday Avenue (Panathenaic Way), painted with gold stars on a dark blue background on the ceiling of the hall, flanked by the north painting museum (Pinakothiki), holds the previous worship, paintings and other treasures, south flanked by Athena Goddess temple reception room.

Through the gate along the Boulevard festival Panathenaea forward, you will pass a row pedestal. We continue went to the essence of the Acropolis site – left is Erik Curtis Weng Temple, the Parthenon right hand side is world famous.




Erik Curtis Weng Temple

Erik Curtis Weng Temple guard in the city bears the real role of the Temple, the Acropolis is the location of most of the statues. South portico has six Ionian style columns, carved as a teen image, they dress elegant, beautiful gesture, known as caryatids (Caryatides), arguably the most modern Erik Curtis Weng Temple well-known part. Now the temple ruins show is imitation, the real thing has 5 existing in the Acropolis Museum, and one is hidden in the British Museum. There are two main hall sanctuary, a worship Athena, a worship Poseidon. In large pan Athena Festival, people will Cloth (Peplos) draped over the statue body. Temple on the north side there are six Ionian style columns, there is a crack in the ground, leaving the legend of Zeus.





Parthenon symbolizes the glory of ancient Athens, Athens, for the worship of the patron saint of Athena built the entire Acropolis site of the most famous of a building. Pant overall use Rick marble building built, located at the highest point of the Acropolis, from anywhere in the city can see it. Temple stands surrounded by 46 Doric-style columns, simple and powerful, giving vigorous forceful impression. These pillars intermediate thick, thinner on top, both sides of the pillars is not actually standing perpendicular to the ground, but slightly tilted to the back side, the overall design avoids these rigid and inflexible, so building more elastic. At the time of the completion of the temple, the whole decorated with numerous statues and reliefs, describes the history and mythology scenes. The main relief set in between pillars and roof gables stigma surface, the statue placed in front of the back side of the roof gable, and now left behind artworks are stored in the Acropolis Museum and the British Museum.





Atticus theater and theater of Dionysos

After visiting these ruins, Wei south slope there are two sides of the theater is worth, respectively, to the west near the main entrance of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Odeon of Herodes Atticus) and NESO Adams Theatre (Theatre of Dionysos). Odeon of Herodes Atticus are still used every summer will hold a variety of performances, concerts, opera, classical Greek drama, in recent years and will make fixes that can accommodate seating 6000 spectators. Huge Dionysos theater only ruins are preserved. This can accommodate 1.5 million people in the large theater was built in the 6th century BC, Dionysos Greek mythology the god Bacchus and drama, so ancient held here every year, Dionysos festival. Theatre upstage remaining statues and reliefs show the life of God Dionysos, it is the essence of theater sites.




We recommend the tour route: Temple of Athena the goddess of victory gate → → → Parthenon Erik Curtis Weng Temple.

In addition, in 2009 the New Acropolis Museum is located in the foothills of the southern foot of the Acropolis, modern style and solemn, large-scale, it is worth visiting together, but tickets for 5 euros is not included in the Acropolis ticket inside. The museum also offers a souvenir shop.


Special Note

  1. The most authentic in the Acropolis Museum, prior knowledge of the historical background to explore better.
  2. Comparative rugged mountain, the ruins of the ladder very easy to slip, especially after rains should pay more attention, the best choice for non-slip, comfortable shoes go.
  3. Acropolis many visitors, especially during peak hours will be very crowded, watch the sunrise or watching the sunset is a good choice, 8 am to, you can see the flag raising ceremony.
  4. visitors with bulky luggage must enter from the main entrance, and the need to register, normal size backpack portable, do not need to register.

there are cage like vertical elevators available wheelchair passengers use 5. north rock, but should contact the staff provide help.

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