Chengkan located in Tunxi District of Huangshan City, 31 km north of place, according to the yin and yang gossip layout view is not less than Hongcun, but fame does not ring. Here a lot of three-storey building of the Ming Dynasty can be described as ancient high-rise Song and building more rare there are exquisite treasure Lun Court, in all Huizhou ancient village is one of the best.




You can enter a number of roads Chengkan main entrance and ticket office at the southwest corner of the southwest also Chengkan passenger side. 100 meters from the ticket office there is a viewing platform, you can shoot Chengkan views. Right in front of the viewing platform there is a hill, there is a small village seat Huizhou, also can take place on a hill with panoramic views. Every April, the village of canola flower open, the most beautiful scenery. Chengkan main entrance there is a lake (outlet) as on Hongcun South Lake, Lake also bridge, white walls and black tiles reflected in the lake, is the best photograph, the summer can enjoy the lake lotus.




Know the late Tang FengShuiLuo Brothers moved Chengkan, Roche and future generations will be built in the village in line with the village gossip gossip yin and yang, the streets extending in all directions, such as into the village after the gossip maze. Please recommend a tour guide at the entrance area, 30 yuan to explain once in the maze will not miss important sights, like gossip, like fengshui tricks, have someone explain to understand. Due to the limited number of guided tours, village locals volunteered to serve as field guide, some important buildings is likely to lead wild entrance, the door can only be explained in a few words, some of the locals only speak dialect, remember to find speak Mandarin and on a good price, in order to avoid unpleasant happened afterwards. Tour routes generally follow the order from west to east.




If the search for age-old, the Conservancy Association Song oldest in the southeast corner of the village, is the land of God worship place. Huanxiu bridge the Yuan Dynasty in the northeast side of the village, there are pavilions bridge, the bridge in the show ring Xuan collected a lot of old Huizhou woodcarving and embroidery. Luohui Tai Yuan Dynasty also house a long history.


If want to see the beautiful building, Po-lun of the Ming Court (Zhenjing Mr. LuoDongshu Temple) is a must visit, at the northeast side of the village. This is a three-shrine, the first door into the instrument; the second into the lobby, classroom plaque for the Dong Qichang of the book, a few synagogues priceless gold Phoebe pillars; the third is the treasure into Lun Court, after entering be sure to look up at the roof, at both ends of the beams carved with flowers, has painted most of the beam pattern, color and even some wonderful is also faintly discernible, beautiful!




Ming Dynasty Yanyi Tang, Luo Kun leap house are worth a visit. Yanyi Tang Lane 1 in the days of light, three-storey, nail-studded doors, beams on the image member it is profound. Luo Kun leap house house number 66 Front Street, two high, delicate carved on the window, and the window upstairs beauty by column is also very beautiful. Outside the southeast corner of the village.

The degree of commercialization Chengkan not high, accommodation is also not so developed, that can buy water from hawkers tofu, hair tofu taste, is said to be the best of Huangshan City, the village also has accommodation, but not too much, eat to live best to Chengkan outside town. Brings together all kinds of Huizhou architecture Chengkan potential export houses from about 8 km from the Huizhou village Tangmo potential export houses, about 4 km tour can be arranged in a line.


Special Note :

Recommended itineraries: entrance – outlet (Best camera point) – Under House – Yanyi Tang (must see) – House Luochun Fu – Zhong Ying floor (easy to get lost here should turn right, to the show ring bridge direction) – Huanxiu bridge (must see) – ZongChuan small school (not open) – Conservancy Association (the oldest building in the village) – Po Lun House (cream, a must-see) – export.




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