Traveling Koh Lipe-Thailand’s little jewel

Traveling Koh Lipe-Thailand’s little jewel


Koh Lipe is a small island in the Adang-Rawi, province of Satun, South Thailand, near the boundary to Malaysia. This is the most remote island located to the South of Thailand and is a part of Tarutao National Marine Park.


Visitors can come to Koh Lipe by to Bangkok, then to Had Yai by plane. In addition, you can also take the train or bus to Had Yai, but the trip will be very long and the price is also not how much cheaper than planes. After you catch a taxi, Had to or mini bus to Pak Bara, from there take a boat out to Koh Lipe.


Koh Lipe is a small island located furthest to the South of Thailand.

If to Had Yai at early in the morning, you will get to Koh Lipe in just 1 day. This is the ramp operations throughout the year. Every day there is a bus leaving Had Yai in around 8:30, connect online with high speed boats in Pak Bara at 11 h 30. In the high season, the Administration will add online in the afternoon for the visitors.


The first person to set foot on the island is a group of nomadic ancestry from Malaysia, Urak Lawoi people called. Then, this island was the Chao Ley, who moved from island to island to seek access to other locations most convenient fishing, nurture themselves and their tribes.


Gradually, the Chao Ley had settled on the island Koh Lipe and be given the right to live on the East coast of the island (Dawn Beach). The locals still living based on the fishing craft, however, thanks to the development of the tourism industry, their livelihood is slowly changing. Some people have opened restaurants serving local cuisine, tourist ships rental or taxi run.


A corner of the Pattaya coast.

Koh Lipe is considered the most important island in the Adang group, because the largest number of settlers. In addition, it also handles traffic between many islands and travel from the Mainland. During the year, approximately 1000 people living in Koh Lipe. The most popular activity on the island is diving. In addition, many stunning beaches, mild weather along the relaxed atmosphere creates a Koh Lipe is ideal for the holiday trip.


The island has four main beaches: Sunrise Beach stretches East Coast quite quiet. The main Pattaya Beach-Sea Bay with white cut eyes, looming sea-facing bungalows apartments. This is where the type of taxi, rental of ships to dock, leaving Ben humming all day long. The Western tip of the Karma beach is an ideal scuba diving locations. Finally, Sunset Beach location is less developed for Koh Lipe, is also the most appropriate place to end a day of fun. On the island there is a walking path runs through the center of the island, Pattaya Beach and Sunrise Beach from the connector. Along this road, you can find a lot of cheap vacation place and a lot of bars, restaurants and shops crowd.


Dawn Beach stretches East Coast quite quiet.


Koh Lipe has quite a lot of wooden house for rent, resort, from budget to luxury, can natural scenic beauty to the nao. Koh Lipe is very famous, prompting visitors to sleep in addition to the beach, especially in the high season.


Winter in Koh Lipe started from October to may. A lot of people come to Thailand on weekends and holidays, and sometimes they have to book rooms months in advance. Peak time for stretching from December to February every year. Most of the rooms on the island are already full, so if not previously booked, you will hardly find a suitable place. Famous rooms rental spots are usually booked in advance, especially on Christmas or new year, in the weeks before and after 2 this occasion.


In fact, this is the general situation of Thailand, so the advice is so possible. If not, you should come here in the low season from May to October. Although holiday shops pretty much sold on this occasion, many places still work all year. This season, the island is relatively silent, so there are people called “green season”. The plus point is that the hotel could have 50% discount.


You can walk to visit the whole island. Many of the concrete walkway connects the beach together, but for the most part not lit in the evening, so you have to bring the lights the torches. Those who do not like walking, you can ride a hug around the island with prices from 30,000-120,000 VND. Long-tail boats will take you to and from any place on the island with about 30000. Unfortunately you will not be hiring a motorbike or a car.


In Koh Lipe, you will not be hiring a motorbike or a car.

For every two months, you can help the population of the island keep Adang clean garbage. From 10 h, the hero of Spam will gather at the beach in Pattaya to spread out several yards around the Islands collecting plastic bottles, flip-flops, old food, shampoo bottles … Trash Heroes is a non-profit organization helping the businesses on Koh Lipe, on the contrary, they are supported on boats, garbage bags, food drink every week for volunteers.

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